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Lauren Barry

Realistic Fiction Writing Task

2 min read

In Cynthia A. Tyson's article">Shut My Mouth Wide Open: Realistic Fiction and Social Action she discusses weather or not fairy tales should be discussed and taught throughout the curriculum. Tyson claims that fairy tales should not be taught throughout the curriculum. Tyson claimed that students were not interested and/or engaged in the stories. Instead of using fairy tales Tyson has started to use realistic fiction. Tyson sees realistic fiction as a way to alternatively teach the lessons behind fairytales. Tyson has used realistic fiction to make the students aware of societal issues and had them reflect upon how they could use them to better the community and areas in which they live. 


In Kelly et. all's article Portrayal of Poverty in Realistic Fiction Children's Picture Books she tells readers how there is a misrepresentation of poverty in children's picture books. Research has showed that poverty in the United States has been presented through stereotypes. Many races such as Asian American and African American as well as the working middle class white families were underepresented in children's picture books. These misrepresentations of these types of students does not allow them to feel conected with the texts. Having students not feel connected and engaged. Without this engagement similar to the way Tyson addressed, students will simply not be learning.