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Lauren Barry

Realistic Fiction Participation Task

2 min read

A grade level I have never worked with before is the Kindergarten level. Thus, I am attempting to create a mini lesson for Kindergartners using the realistic fiction book Going Home by Eve Bunting.


The book is about a Mexican family coming to the United States for a better life, but still calling Mexico their home. Students will read this book and hear about the struggles and challenges immigrants experience with identification and culture when they come to our country. The mini lesson would go as follows:


Students will begin by drawing a picture of their home. Students will then share with the class their pictures and give a little bit of an explanation of their picture. 


After all of the students have shared with their pictures with the rest of the class we will do a sneak peak of the book. Since students at the Kindergarten level are still learning and mastering concepts of print and how to handle books, a sneak peak would give students a good practice run of handling and reading a text. 

After the whole group sneak peak the book will be read aloud to the class. During the read aloud the teacher will use interactive questioning with the students to check for engagement and understanding. 


When the book has been read completely students will reflect upon the characters and the problems they faced. Students should focus on the issue the children in the book are struggling with about where home is; Mexico or The United States?


After a whole group discussion has been lead students will complete a summative assessment of the lesson by writing about their own experiences. Because the story involves children experiencing a different feeling than their parents, this is what students will focus on. Students will draw and write a few sentences about a time that they felt differently than their parents. Students can then share their experiences. And then the students experiences can be connected to the character's through similarities and differences.