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Lauren Barry

Picture Books Module Response

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While doing these readings I was introduced to topics and ideas about teaching with and through picture books. I enjoyed the readings very much, and I think this was a great first module to be released from the work we have done with all our groups! 


To get to the question prompted by the picture book group's prompt; "[W]hy does Sharp think picture books can be used in various subjects?"

Throughout her article, Sharp touched upon many of the different subjects that the reading of picture books would be helpful in. I think she named probably all of them; math, science, social studies, and obviously reading. Sharp made valid points in each of the disciplines she discussed. In terms of math, there have been picture books specifically written for the development of mathematical skills, but there are also picture books written in a story format that aid in children's understanding of counting money and saving money. For science, the topic of weather was brought up. Having pictures of each page and characters as they go through the discovery of whatever the science lesson may be is so helpful for young children and students. And finally, social studies. Social studies is such a broad category as we have all learned by now in our college experience, so the possibilites are endless. Social studies picture books can occur in fiction or nonfiction settings. There can probably be a picture book found for every type of social study on the elementary level; economics, political science, geogrpahy, history, anthropology, and sociology. Having either characters, pictures, or even just a difinitive plot for students to place the concepts with in the most direct sense will only enhance their learning. 


All in all, I completely agree with Sharp's idea that picture books can be used in many of the elementary subjects. I learned so much by reading her article, and plan on using them in my future classroom lessons.