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Lauren Barry

Elementary Mythology Mini Lesson

2 min read

For the module on mythology we were prompted to create a mini lesson for students.

This online simulation from Scholastic is an incredible resource. Basically what the students do is use the scaffolding from the simulator to create their own myth from Greek mythology. This would be really good for students to use in the middle/early end of a unit on mythology. By the time they are ready to use something as complex as this they should be farmiliar with mythology and the meaning behind it as well as the reasons for having it. After students create their own with the help of this, they can go on to do a summative assessment of writing their own original myth. This simulator would serve as a method of scaffolding that they can use for ideas, but they should be doing this mainly from their own ideas.

The CCSS that this mini lesson aligns to could be for Grade 4: 







[The last 5 are just subcategories of the overall standard (the first one listed). This happens to be one of the writing standards that has several parts and components!]