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Lauren Barry

Biography Module Writing Task

1 min read

Dear Diary,

     This time away has been like no other. There have been difficult struggles both mentally and physically. Fighting has been like something I have never done before, and it was harder than I ever thought possible. However, even though it has been a terrible time going to war within our own country, I am happy to do it to support what I believe in. I have paid a duty to my country to fight for what is best, and I know in time good fortune will come back to me for this. But quite possibly the worst part of all of this has been leaving those I love behind. I can't imagine what I'm on my way home to, but no matter what it is I know I am ready and I am coming back home stronger than ever. This time away has been a test of my patience but I think I have conquered it. I am ready to begin life where I left it back home. The time is now.